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Naruto - An Anime That Teach Life Lessons


Naruto is a story about a young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki who is hated by all the villagers as he is thought to be the demon  Kyuubi or the nine-tailed fox  who destroyed the whole village which was saved by the fourth Hokage by sacrificing his life. Naruto is an orphan and have no friends, all the villagers hate him and he just wants to be acknowledged by the villagers by becoming the Hokage which is the leader of the village.


Naruto - An Anime That Teach Life Lessons

Naruto is a young dumb and goofy ninja who is not good at anything. He wants to become Hokage so that everyone acknowledges him. He has no family or friends because of which he lives in solitude and no one can understand his pain and suffering.

Naruto is determined to be a Hokage but his path is not an easy one. To become a Hokage he has to go rough training and fight many battles by keeping his life on the line. In the journey of becoming Hokage, he has to go many mental and physical battles. This leads to great changes in the character of Naruto and helps him to grow and mature. In his way, he meets many people’s who become a part of his life and some of them died also which affected Naruto very much.

Naruto vowed to protect everyone for that he has to become stronger.


Naruto anime characters

Naruto: As the name suggests Naruto is the main protagonist of this anime. He is a lonely and useless ninja who can understand the pain and suffering of others. Naruto’s character is thoroughly written and developed. While watching Naruto you can feel the same as him and become amazed how good is character development is.

Sasuke: Sasuke is also one of the main characters who is the sole survival of his clan and have only one goal in life is to avenge his clan for which he can do anything and can break any bonds.

Sakura: Sakura is shown as one of the main characters who also dreams to become a capable ninja and become enough powerful to fight alongside Sasuke and Naruto. I feel Sakura as a character is the most useless one who in reality could not do anything.

Kakashi: Kakashi is my favourite character from Naruto. He is a genius ninja who suffered a lot in life and was the teacher of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Itachi: Itachi is one of the best characters that Naruto can have. He sacrificed his clan and himself all sole for protecting his village and get accused of doing what he did not.

Shikamaru, Jiraiya, Might Guy, Neji, Hinata, Iruka, Sai, Orochimaru are some of the best characters that Naruto had offered us.


Naruto has basically two seasons Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
both are really amazing. It has also one sequel Boruto: Naruto Next Generation which is not doing quite well.

Emotions and Moral values

Naruto is well known for its emotions in his story which is out of this world, you cannot find this level of emotion in any other anime. Its story is filled with emotions, you easily get connected with the characters and can feel the same as they are. You get deeply attached to the story and feel the impact of those emotions which was shown in Naruto. Some of the scenes are so dramatic and emotional that you may even cry.

The bond between the characters, especially friendship and other relationship is really what the story is about. Naruto really shows how to understand and feel the pain and suffering of others.

Naruto is one of the anime who not only entertains you but also teaches you. Many people say they learn so much about life that even teachers and parents can’t teach. Naruto teaches you how to live your life and how to cherish others.

Fight scenes

Although Naruto is known for its emotions and moral values but it’s fight scenes are top-notch. Naruto is a great shonen anime and the fight scenes will blow your mind you can literally feel the intensity and the impact of these fight scenes. Naruto gives you full action pack experience. It contains both highly physically fights as well as high strategic fights also which make you fall in love with Naruto.

Essence of Naruto


Naruto is the best anime to represent the bond of friendship. Sasuke who is the first-ever friend of Naruto who betrayed him afterwards because of his ambition to take revenge for his clan who was annihilated by its own brother. But Naruto doesn’t give up on his friend, he undergoes rough training to become powerful enough to bring back his friend even though all others lose hope on him.

One of the most famous lines of Naruto is “In the world, those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.”.

Naruto teaches us how to cherish our friends and to which length he can go for his friends. Naruto really depicts the meaning of true friendship.

No shortcut to success

Naruto is one of the best motivational anime also. Naruto’s character is highly determined to become Hokage for that he can fight any obstacle and always quotes “Never giving up, is my ninja way.”

One of the most famous lines of Naruto is "There Are No Shortcuts To Becoming Hokage!”. Naruto has motivated many people and make their life a better like never before.

The background story of characters

Naruto is one of the animes which focuses not only on its main character but also its other characters. The writer has really focused on each and every character and given enough justice to them. They have shown the background story of most of the characters and the development of this character in Naruto is its core essence.

My Perspective/experience

Naruto is one of my very first anime and he deeply affected me. It teaches me many life lessons that I cannot learn from any other things.

When I watched Naruto I immediately get attached to it. The emotions and the real meaning of friendship shown in this anime had a deep impact on me.

It makes me realize the importance of friendship and how important is to have friends in life.

The only thing I don't like about Naruto is it contains lots of filler episodes which has no significant role in the story of Naruto.

Naruto is the best anime for all types of persons it easily it people and makes them fall in love with it. You should really watch Naruto before you die and experience the beauty of Naruto.

At last, I want to say that Naruto is not an anime for me, it’s more like a feeling for me which makes me who I am.

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