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YOU- A Netflix Original Web Series



YOU, a Netflix Original Web Series, is the intriguing and hypnotic story of Joe Goldberg who becomes immediately infatuated and obsessive about Guinevere Beck,  an aspiring writer. He tries to win the heart of Beck by using social media and technology while amid the growing suspicions of others. Joe transforms himself from stalker to boyfriend by whatever means he has to use to eliminate all hurdles standing in his way of infatuation, even if it means killing others. 


YOU is a very weird show which is its core essence. The main protagonist Joe Goldberg is a book store manager who came across a beautiful girl Beck and fall in love with her at first sight. Both the characters are polar opposite to each other, Beck is clumsy and goofy while  Joe is all organised and careful.

YOU Characters

Joe's character has its two sides, one which is caring, protective, kind while another side is of a sociopath.
Joe is obsessed with Beck and wants to protect him from everything even from herself. He is a psycho who can murder anybody who comes in its way.   

Beck's character is of an ordinary innocent girl who is living a normal life until our Joe enters into the frame. Literally, nobody is so innocent in this world to not have their phone or laptop protected with a password or security pin. Beck is so progressive to have a big open window without curtains it's like stalkers are also human beings, what will they do?

Highlights of YOU

In this web seriesPenn Badgley who plays the role of Joe Goldberg has done a remarkable job, his acting was so natural that it perfectly fits the character, it's just like the same anybody would picture the character of Joe. 

The most absurd thing I think about this web series is there is no relevant existence of police, people are getting killed one after another but police is like "crime in our area, are you kidding".

And the other thing to be noticed is that people are changing names faster than the earth rotation which I found funny.

No one gets suspicious of Joe other than Beck's best friend Peach because only one sociopath can recognize another sociopath. 

The other thing about this web series is its fall between different genre, some see it as a Rom-Com while others find it as a psychological thriller.

My Perspective

In my opinion, staring of the series till 2-3 episode was great but after that, it started losing its grip and again in between is start getting its grasp back. But for me after 3-4 episode the story is quite predictable which decreases the impact of the web series.

It is best to see this web series before exploring the same genre, as those who have not seen the same type of genre, as this web series is liked very much as compare to another category people because the story becomes predictable for them.

YOU depict present world's scenario where we all are connected through the internet and how much we are vulnerable to stalking and cyber extortion.

YOU present's a perfect example of the difference between pure love and obsession and how obsession can be devastating.

So, if you want to enjoy this web series to its fullest see it before exploring the same genre.  


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